Custom Epoxy Tables, Furniture and Wood Projects

I strive to create unique and one-of-a-kind custom tables and furniture that double as works of art in your home. No matter the size of the project, my craftsmanship and eye for detail will shine through. Whether the custom furniture is for your home, office space, or meant to be a statement piece, my innovative thinking and high-quality materials will create custom pieces that we are proud to put our name on and that you will be proud to have in your home. If you want a custom-designed piece of furniture or epoxy table, then we need to talk.
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My conference tables may not make you excited for meetings, but they are beautiful works of art that you are going to enjoy sitting at. All conference tables are one-of-one, meaning that a close collaboration between the customer and myself will create a truly unique piece. From the type of wood being used to the size of the table to the kind of finish to the legs used, my custom conference tables are works of art that you get to help design. Contact me today with any questions that you have about the process or about the tables that I have created in the past.



My epoxy tables, furniture and custom pieces are truly the epitome of the kind of quality work that I produce here at Ingrained by Brentwood. I utilize the stunning effects that epoxy creates when married with the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. These epoxy tables can be statement pieces in your home or can be used for practical purposes, as they are just as sturdy and durable as any other table. The only problem with Brentwood retail pieces, is they are few and far in between as I am so busy doing consignment work. Contact me today with any questions that you have about the process or about the work that I have created in the past.



Live edge epoxy tables are an inspiration for customers to see what can be done with naturally beautiful reclaimed wood. All of the pieces I create for my clients are one-of-one, meaning that they are truly unique, born from my client’s ideas, wants, needs, or preferences. Everything from the type of wood to the size of the table, to the finish, to the kind of legs used for the table, each table is a work of art and the only one of its kind that exists. Take a look at these reclaimed wooden epoxy dining tables below! Contact me with any questions that you may have in mind for your space.


It can be argued that the legs of a table are just as important as the table itself, as they provide a necessary component to the aesthetic value of the table. All of these tables,  even their legs, arevery unique, meaning that the collaboration between the client and I yield a complete project. Contact me today for any questions about my process in building legs, the use of ready made legs, and the style of legs for your table or bench.

Custom Legs made by Brentwood

I offer amazing made leg options from I can add any leg style to your table, be it a large or small table or bench.


River tables are truly unique pieces of work. The kind of wood and epoxy used for river tables varies entirely from table to table, so it is highly unlikely of creating a table that looks like any other on the market. Further, I work closely with my clients to produce truly singular tables that you cannot find anywhere else. These stunning one-of-a-kind works of art are made with the highest quality epoxy resins and epoxy color pigments from our line of epoxy products. Contact me today for any questions regarding my process creating epoxy river tables or about any tables that I have created in the past — I look forward to hearing from you!