A Little About Me...

I am Brent Rueb aka Brentwood. I am a sole craftsman with a passion for building great things, specifically using harvested wood and turning them into useful art! My love for woodworking is deeply ingrained in my roots, as I was born into an agricultural family with a history of craftsmanship. My great grandfather settled in NW Kansas in the USA from Russia. Generation after generation my ancestors transferred the knowledge of using your hands to create all things needed from metal pieces to woodwork. Though all the love and respect for the land was clear as my ancestors prospered in wheat farming and livestock.

The importance of honoring and respecting the land is deeply rooted in me, the more love you give to it, the more you receive. The nurturing of these skills has made me who I am today as an artisan and craftsman. Each piece of harvested wood I use to create a unique piece of furniture, I am using skills passed down to me for four generations.

When I take a look back in my career, there is one common theme, woodworking. From being a farmer, an inventor, to owning a lumberyard - they always tied to honoring the wood. In my personal life, I have seen many adversities. My outlet and therapy were to create and craft beautiful wood pieces all my waking hours. Through the good and the bad, I have discovered that I have a passion for learning the history of these fallen trees, my love for woodworking, and seeing my customers smile when they see their exclusive pieces! That's what I call the joy of life!

As a child, I was taught an important lesson, “If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right!” This saying is ingrained in my mind and heart. Each piece is custom-built, with the client’s vision in mind. Carefully crafted from idea to final product. I proudly wear every speck of dust of all my projects. As a customer once said, “There is a wrong way, the right way and the Rueb way!”

I look forward to working with you and turning your vision into reality.


Brent Rueb

Ingrained by Brentwood

Ingrained by Brentwood Mission Statement


If trees could talk, what stories would they tell? At Ingrained by Brentwood, my mission is simple - to honor the lives of these trees at the end of their journey and repurpose their purpose. Commissioned by my clients, I partner with you to turn your vision of these pieces into reality. I create useful art with century-old wood that tells a story with every tree ring visible.

Most of the wood I repurpose comes from the Midwest, planted on farmsteads that served as homes for early American settlers. Imagine the stories they hold. They once served the purpose of shelter and protection for generations before and my mission is to honor these fallen trees by rescuing them from unwanted termination and creating one of kind conversational pieces in your space of choice. They provided hope, prosperity, protection and love for over a century and now repurposed to bring true American history - ingrained with stories of our homeland!

mans best friend


Mascot / Best Friend

Richard become my family a few years back as a Rescued Dog, has not left my side since! He is the best work monitor that i could ask for all my projects. His love for flushing birds, chasing rabbits and sniffing out other critters is amazing, our evening runs are our time together as friends and is a time we both look forward to very much!

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