Ingrained by Brentwood

Brentwood Renovations and Restorations was started years ago to remodel homes and businesses — lots of bathrooms, kitchens, and specialty projects. 

As time passed, Customers gave me a lot more of creativity with their projects, letting me add custom touches. That was when it really became fun for me.


I saw a need for epoxy counter tops in my area, as all the stone and man-made stone products were prices well above the general populations’ budget. So, I began to give my counter tops the look of stone, but with epoxy. Customers loved it! Plus, I liked the creativity that epoxy offered, and the obsession set in. I slowly transferred over to full custom functional art furniture pieces!

Ingrained by Brentwood was born! 


I build one-of-a-kind custom pieces for my customers. All of my pieces are like snowflakes — no two are alike. The customer has tremendous input if they so desire, or they can give me an idea and I create it. 

Ingrained by Brentwood is located in the northwest corner of Kansas in a small town with lots of character. I own my own 8,000 sq. ft. facility, and costs are low. This gives me a greater opportunity to provide my customers with a cost effective piece of higher quality than other larger companies, which demand a high overhead.

I look forward to working & creating your one-of-one custom piece in the near future!


Brent Rueb

Ingrained by Brentwood

Ingrained by Brentwood Mission

Brentwood’s first goal is to honor the lives of the trees that we use, as they have been a apart of our lives, and have played an important role in the history of this nation.

Brentwood’s second goal is to honor our customers by using these trees to build a custom piece of this born-again wood to give warmth, beauty, and functionality in their space that they will love for many years.

Not only do we use urban salvage trees rescued from an unwanted termination, but we pride ourselves on salvaging dead trees that have been planted on farmsteads and in windbreaks by our forefathers that settled the plains in the Midwest. These trees gave purpose, protection, food, and a place for the settlers and their families to call home. It is extra special for use to give these old trees new life and let them live again.

Brent Rueb,

Ingrained by Brentwood



Mascot / Best Friend

Richard become my family a few years back as a Rescued Dog, has not left my side since! He is the best work monitor that i could ask for all my projects. His love for flushing birds, chasing rabbits and sniffing out other critters is amazing, our evening runs are our time together as friends and is a time we both look forward to very much!